SCALA™ Yin / Yang Event

SCALA™ Yin / Yang  Event is a bi-monthly event in Second Life®.

Our event depicts from the word Yin which comes out to mean “shady side” and the word Yang which means “sunny side”. The definition of Yin/Yang can be found here:

We are inviting creators, designers, and builders to join Yin / Yang Event by SCALA™ in creating an incredible sales event. What is your vision of Yin / Yang and what would you create to shock and awe, or add to the ambiance?

If you are interested in joining us as Designer, kindly fill out our application form.
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We made a new program for our loyal designers called, “Yin/Yang Designer Loyalty Program.” We want to keep you for our ongoing events plus give a little something back to you in return.

Here’s how it works:
1. Stay with us for four(4) consecutive months and get the fifth month at HALF PRICE. Must participate fully.

2. The clock starts ticking the first month you’ve signed up and stayed on, beginning June 2017.

3. When you had your fifth month special, the deal plays all over again to number one.

4. We’ll do all the tracking and let you know one month beforehand when your HALF PRICE month is around the corner.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us!

SCALA™ Management



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Kryptonia Paperdoll



September 2018

Shopping Guide – September 2018 

Theme: Out with the Old (Clearance Sale) and In with the New (Exclusive)

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June 2018

Shopping Guide – June 2018 “1st Year Anniversary”


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November 2017

Shopping Guide – November 2017

Theme: Orange (joy and creativity) / Blue (tranquility and calmness)

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